10km & Fun Run E-Briefing

Please note the following e-briefing does not replace the verbal briefing to take place at 6.40am on Sunday 20th August 2017 at the race start. This information is given as an advance information service to prepare competitors for the rules and regulations and general conduct of the event. Please read through these briefing notes carefully as they will provide you with a guide to your safe and fair participation in the 2017 Ten Kilometre event. Should you have any queries, please make note of them and check with race officials on the morning of the race or email enquiries@mudgeerunningfestival.com.au


The 10km event is a perfect event for the medium distance runner and those increasing distances from the 5km range. The course is largely flat and on footpaths, weaving along the Cudgegong River.

Weather & What to Wear

The weather is generally cold at the start of the race with early frosts or fogs being common for this time of year. The average temperatures for this time of year are around 1 degree Celsius with a maximum of 16. Rain or light showers may also be encountered. Competitors need to ensure that they are prepared for the conditions of the day and should consider wearing gloves, beanies, spray jackets and leg or arm warmers if cold wet conditions are forecast.

Race Registration

Race registration is compulsory for all competitors and will take place on the day before the race (Saturday 19th August) from 2pm until 5pm at Race HQ in Lawson Park, Short St. At race registration, competitors will receive a race kit bag and complete registration for their race.

Please note that there is no entry on race day. No substitutions or transfer of entries will be allowed. If any runners are caught substituting for another, they will be immediately disqualified from the race.

Race Kit

Your race kit will contain a disposable timing chip incorporated into the bib number.

Please ensure the following is adhered to in order to receive an accurate time.

  • Race bib is clearly visible on the front of the torso
  • Race bib is unaltered and unmodified (Do not fold or wrinkle)
  • Race bib is pinned in all four corners
  • Race bib is not covered (jackets, runner belts, water bottles, etc.)

Start / Finish Line and Recovery Area

 START: The start line is at the roundabout on Church/Short Sts and the Hollyoake Bridge. Runners must gather at the main Registration point inside Lawson Park for the Race Briefing and then walk to the starting point which will be via the underpass of Hollyoake Bridge. Runners will be held in the park area before heading to the start line to avoid any unnecessary delays of runners meandering on the road prior to starting. The 10km run will start at 7.05am, with the marathon and half marathon starting at 7am. Competitors will be asked to stay in the left lane and self seed according to previous time. Witches hats or similar will be placed in the centre of the road to ensure that runners remain on the correct side of the road and to avoid blocking any traffic that may be travelling south towards the town.

FINISH: The disposable chip system allows runners to have more flexibility at the finish line, since removal of the chip is no longer required. You will be directed to the recovery area. Hot food, hot/cold beverages and a massage service will be available.

Race Day Briefing

At approximately 6.45am, runners will be called to assemble near the starting point for the pre-race briefing. This briefing is compulsory and will cover all changes to the general conduct of the race, safety concerns and conditions on the day. Information that will be covered includes: course layout, turn-arounds, marshalling, drink stations and road hazards.

You need to be race-ready at the time of the pre-race briefing.

Runners should run on the left-hand side of the road or footpath unless directed otherwise by an official or marshal. Do not run in the middle of the road or footpath. Any competitors found to be acting unsafe may be subjected to a disqualification.

 IPods/music players/head phones are not allowed for safety reasons.

 Bicycles and cars are not permitted to follow runners at any stage on the course. This can jeopardise the safety of the runners and may lead to a disqualification.

10km Course Description

From the start line travel North along Church Street, which becomes Cassilis/Ulan Rd once over the Lawson Park Bridge. Continue north staying on the left-hand side of the road and take the first left hand turn at the first round about, Pitts Lane. Runners will then be guided onto the footpath and head west along Pitt’s lane.

After approximately 600m, runners will turn left onto the footpath towards the suspension bridge; you will then turn right at the suspension bridge and follow the path along the river, heading west. There will be marshal and a drink station at the shelter, adjacent to the suspension bridge over the river.

Runners will then continue to the metal sculptures keeping left and taking the path closer to the river. You will then re trace your steps down Pitt’s lane, upon arriving to the tunnel under the Cassilis road. There will be witches hats and marshal at the tunnel. You will turn left out of the tunnel and head towards the Lue Road Roundabout. There will be a turning point on the footpath at the Lue Road, intersection. You will then travel back along the footpath towards the Hollyoake Bridge and turn around before crossing the bridge. You will then be directed towards the tunnel under the Cassilis road, turning left into the tunnel and heading west again along Pitts Lane.

You will essentially follow the same course, towards the suspension bridge, turning right and travelling to the sculptures. On return will go under the Cassilis road again and turn left towards the Lue Road intersection turnaround point. This time you will keep running over the Hollyoake Bridge and turn left into the Lawson Park. You will keep to the right hand side and run past the swimming pool, then follow the road to the right to the finishing area.

This will be a two lap course, but will only cross the main bridge on the second lap. The course has been designed in this manner to avoid congestion over the Hollyoake Bridge because it is too narrow. You are not to run two abreast on the Hollyoake Bridge over the Cudgegong River, nor are you permitted to overtake. These rules are to ensure a safe running event.

Drink Stations

There will be one drink station at the suspension bridge, but you will pass this four times, so essentially there will be four opportunities to hydrate. There will be fluids available at the finish area.

Race Timing

Race organisers will endeavour to obtain a finish time for all competitors. However, organisers may be prevented from doing this by circumstances beyond our control. Whilst a timing chip, race clock and back-up timing will be in place, it is recommended that all runners record their own race times.

Outside Assistance

 The race organisers do not permit supporters in following runners either in cars or on bicycles.  Any vehicles on the run course are subject to standard road regulations.

Pacing of runners is not permitted. Runners face disqualification if supporters are found to be providing pacing assistance.

Outside assistance in the form of drinks, food, clothing etc provided to a competitor is only permitted if conducted at an official Drink Station and only after speaking with the Drink Station Manager. Runners face disqualification if supporters are found to be providing assistance outside of these areas. As part of our race insurance requirements, the use of iPods or similar devices by runners during the race is not permitted.


Any competitor withdrawing during the event must notify the Race Director at Lawson Park or present at the nearest aid station and notify the personnel.


It is every competitor’s responsibility to ensure that they are fit and capable of running the full distance of their race.

It is each competitor’s responsibility to ensure they have adequately prepared for the distances.

It is strongly recommended that all competitors have their own personal health insurance, accident or ambulance cover. Competitors will bear all financial responsibility for any medical treatment arising from participation in this event; including ambulance, doctor, hospital fees etc.

Race organisers strongly encourage any competitor who is feeling unwell prior to the race to seek medical advice on their participation.

Race organisers reserve the right to withdraw a runner based on medical grounds.


There is limited off street parking in the Mudgee Olympic Swimming Pool car park off Short St, and in parts of Lawson Park itself. There is also ample parking in Short Street and the near-by side streets. There are no parking time restrictions.


The Lawson Park has Male/Female toilet amenities with additional toilets, change rooms and shower amenities in the Swimming Pool complex. Extra Port-a-Loos will also be present near the Park amenities.

The Lawson Park provides a lovely atmosphere alongside the Cudgegong River. Feel free to let the kids feed the resident ducks! There is also a playground, walking tracks and exercise equipment throughout the park area.

Please take care to watch small children as there are no barriers or fencing along the river’s edge

 5km Race

 The 5km race commences at 11am and will follow a very similar route to the 10km race, but for 1 lap only. The compulsory race briefing held at 10.40am at Race Central will outline all the course in detail.

 Awards Ceremony

 Presentation is at Race HQ in Lawson Park.

Presentations will be held soon after the last runners for each race come home.


Good Luck

Happy Racing

Mudgee Running Festival Committee