Race Kit Collection:
Saturday 17th August 2pm – 5pm, Race HQ (preferred)
Sunday 18th August 6:00am – 7:30am; 9:30am – 10:30am, Race HQ
Verbal Briefing: Sunday 18th August 10:45am, Race HQ
Start Time: Sunday 18th August 11:00am, Lawson Park (between river and playground)
Presentation: Sunday 18th August 12:15pm, Race HQ


Weather & What to Wear

The weather is generally cold at the start of the race with early frosts being common for this time of year. The current forecast is 2° – 23° and sunny. It should be around 10° to 16° at 11:00am. Please be prepared for the conditions of the day.

Please do not discard any items of clothing on the course. We cannot guarantee the return of clothes left on the course. We do have bag drop facilities. Items can be securely left at Race HQ.

Race Kit Collection

Saturday 17th August from 2pm until 5pm at Race HQ in Lawson Park
Sunday 18th August 6:00am – 7:30am; 9:30am – 10:30am, Race HQ

We would rather you register with us on Saturday. If you register on Saturday you do not need to see us on Sunday.

Requests for transfers between races can be made via email enquiries@mudgeerunningfestival.com.au. Refunds are no longer available.

Your race kit will contain a disposable timing chip incorporated into the bib number and four safety pins. Please ensure your race bib is on the front of your body, and is not obscured.

Race Day Briefing

At 10:45am, runners will be called to assemble at Race HQ (near the rotunda at the finish line) for the pre-race briefing. This briefing is compulsory and will cover the race course, rules, safety and any changes that may have taken place after this briefing was written. Following the briefing, competitors will move to the start line.

The race start is just behind the finish line, between the river and the children’s play area. The race will start at 11:00am. Please self-seed and line up according to expected starting speed.

The course is entirely car free. You run out of Lawson Park, over the new pedestrian bridge and then underneath Ulan Rd and onto the Cudgegong River bike path, before returning to the far end of Lawson Park and then onto the finish line.

Once you receive your finisher’s medal, please continue to the recovery area for some food and drink. Your time should be automatically recorded via your timing chip. Cheer on other runners as they finish.

There is one drink station on course, which you pass twice, at about 1.5km and 3.5km.

Race Rules

Any rule infractions may be met with a time penalty or disqualification:

  • No Music Players allowed This is not only a safety issue (so you can hear instructions or warnings from race marshalls), but also a matter of politeness towards your fellow runners. The course is narrow and crowded, and will have runners going in both directions, so you need to be able to hear your fellow competitors. Someone may be trying to overtake you, and yelling out to you, while someone else is coming the other way
  • No course cutting
  • No outside assistance This can be in the form of pacing assistance (eg someone riding a bike next to you), or someone leaving food or drinks for you outside of the aid station
  • Race bib must be clearly shown We must be able to see your number clearly from the front


It is every competitor’s responsibility to ensure that they are fit and capable of running the full distance of their race. It is each competitor’s responsibility to ensure they have adequately prepared for the distances. Runners should ensure that they have enough water and food to complete the race.

It is strongly recommended that all competitors have their own personal health insurance, accident or ambulance cover. Competitors will bear all financial responsibility for any medical treatment arising from participation in this event; including ambulance, doctor, hospital fees etc.

Race organisers strongly encourage any competitor who is feeling unwell prior to the race to seek medical advice on their participation.

Race organisers reserve the right to withdraw a runner based on medical grounds.


There is also ample parking in Short Street and the near-by side streets. There are no parking time restrictions. Do not park in the middle of Short Street. This is not allowed. Local inspectors will book you.


Mudgee Swimming Pool will open their change rooms. Showers and plenty of toilets will be available, although the swimming pool will not be open. There are also a small number of toilets available within Lawson Park.

There is an enclosed playground in Lawson Park from which little kids find it difficult to escape. Take care to watch small children as there are no barriers along the river edge.


Presentations will be held at approximately 12:15 at Race HQ.

Happy Racing!

Mudgee Running Festival Committee