Race Kit Collection:
Saturday 17th August 2pm – 5pm, Race HQ (preferred)
Sunday 18th August 6:00am – 6:30am, Race HQ
Verbal Briefing: Sunday 18th August 6:45am, Race HQ
Start Time: Sunday 18th August 7:00am, Ulan Rd near Lawson Park
Presentation: Sunday 18th August 12:15pm, Race HQ


 Weather & What to Wear

The weather is generally cold at the start of the race with early frosts being common for this time of year. The current forecast is 2° – 23° and sunny. It is expected to be around 2° – 4° at 7:00am. Please be prepared for the conditions of the day and should consider wearing gloves, beanies, and leg or arm warmers.

Discarded items can be left at any drink station. All clothing will be taken back to the Race HQ for collection. Any items not collected will be donated to charity.

Cut-Off Times

Runners must finish the race within 5 1/2 hours (by 12:30pm), and be past the 33km mark (corner Eurunderee and Craigmoor Rd) within 4 hours (by 11:00am).

Race Kit Collection

Saturday 17th August 2pm – 5pm at Race HQ in Lawson Park
Sunday 18th August 6:00 – 6:30am

We would rather you register with us on Saturday. If you register on Saturday you do not need to see us on Sunday.

You will also be able to drop off any special needs on Saturday, and before 6:20am on Sunday.

Requests for transfers between races can be made via email enquiries@mudgeerunningfestival.com.au. Refunds are no longer available.

Race Kit

Your race kit will contain a disposable timing chip incorporated into the bib number, four safety pins, and a bag of goodies from our sponsors. Please ensure your race bib is on the front of your body, as is not obscured.

If you entered before the end of June you will also receive an event t-shirt.

Start/Finish Line and Recovery Area

START: The start line is on Ulan Rd next to Lawson Park, just before Hollyoak Bridge. Runners must gather at Race HQ inside Lawson Park for the Race Briefing at 6:45am, and then walk to the starting point. The Marathon will start at the same time as the Half Marathon, at 7am. Competitors will be asked to self seed according to their expected start speed.

Some sections of the course will be completely closed to traffic (the first section on Ulan Rd, and Eurunderee Lane). Other sections will be closed to traffic heading in same direction as runners (Henry Lawson Drive on the way out) – witches hats will be placed in the centre of the road to ensure that runners remain on the correct side of the road and to avoid blocking any traffic that may be travelling south towards the town. The rest of the course will remain open to traffic. Keep to the left side of the road in these segments.

FINISH: All competitors will receive a medal. Food and drink will be available in a recovery area. A medic and sports massage will also be present.

Race Day Briefing

At approximately 6.45am, runners will be called to assemble at Race HQ in Lawson Park for the race day briefing. This briefing is compulsory and will cover any changes to the general conduct of the race, safety concerns and conditions of the day.

Runners should run on the left-hand side of the road unless directed otherwise by an official or marshal. Do not run in the middle of the road. Do not cross to the right side of the road prior to any intersections until advised to do so. Any competitors found to be acting unsafe may be subjected to a disqualification. Both races are conducted on public roads that are not closed to local traffic. Vehicles travelling on these roads may be travelling up to 100km/h. There will be numerous signs displayed along the course to caution drivers that there are runners on the road and to reduce speed. When crossing roads, ensure that it is safe before proceeding and cross quickly. Any major intersections will have marshals advising on when it is safe to cross.

IPods/music players/head phones are not allowed for safety reasons. This course is on open roads and it is important competitors are able to hear the traffic or instructions given by marshals.

Bicycles and cars are not permitted to follow runners at any stage on the course. This can jeopardise the safety of the runners and may lead to a disqualification.

Marathon Course Description

From the start line travel North along Church Street, which becomes Ulan Rd once over the Lawson Park Bridge. Continue north staying on the left-hand side of the road and turn into Henry Lawson Drive. Runners continue along Henry Lawson Drive until Craigmoor Rd, before turning right into Eurunderee Lane, then crossing Henry Lawson Drive and continuing along Eurunderee Lane. Marshals and signage will ensure you cross at a safe place.

From Eurunderee Lane, runners turn left into Black Springs Road and continue to the second drink station before Pieter van Gent Winery. Runners competing in the half marathon will turn around a short distance past the drink station. Marathon runners will continue along Black Springs Road, all the way to the top of Lowes Peak.

At the top of Lowes Peak turn right down Blacksprings Rd for 870m (most of this will be unsealed) where runners will turn around and return back up to Lowes Peak. At this intersection, runners turn right into Lowes Peak Rd. There is an aid station and first special needs pickup at the top of Lowes Peak.

The road surface is bitumen sealed again as runners continue west along Lowes Peak Road making the long descent to St Fillans Rd where runners turn left into St Fillans Road and then left again into Henry Lawson Drive. Continue south along Henry Lawson Drive making the long gradual climb to the top of Poets Corner Hill. From here, competitors will enjoy the long downhill run heading back towards Mudgee. Take care when crossing the one lane bridge past Henry Lawson memorial.

Runners will turn right off Henry Lawson Drive into Eurunderee Lane and join the half-marathon course. The intersection of Eurunderee and Craigmoor (33km) is also the second special needs aid station. There is also a toilet here. Continue down Craigmoor Road and turn left into Tinja Lane.

Just past Lowes Winery and the “special” aid station, the road becomes unsealed again. There are a series of short rolling hills and competitors need to take extra care running on a rocky road surface.

The road becomes sealed again before you turn into Putta Bucca Rd. Take care when crossing this intersection, and enjoy the final downhill.

Continue on past radio station 2MG before turning left into Market Street (Castlereagh Highway). This can be a busy road and runners need to run as far left as practical. Watch for vehicles entering or exiting driveways. Continue east along Market Street and then turn left into Cox Street before turning right into Short Street. Take care crossing the road. Competitors then have approximately 1.5km to run along Short St before entering the Southbank Park area (footpath) on the corner of Short St & Perry St where you will follow the footpath under the Lawson Park Bridge into Lawson Park, running to the end of the park before turning back to the finish line. Well done!

Drink Stations

There will be 13 drink stations along the course for the marathon all providing water, lollies, Vaseline & toilet paper.

Electrolyte drink will be available at the fifth station (cnr Lowes Peak Rd & St Fillans Road – just after halfway point). There will be more electrolyte drink at the ninth station (corner Eurunderee Lane & Craigmoor Rd at 33km) which will also cover the half-marathon.

Special Needs

There are two for the marathon. These are at the fourth station (14km, 16km), on the top of Lowes Peak. The next is at the ninth station (33km).

Please mark all special needs items clearly with your race number and which station it is to be at. These are to be handed in at the special needs tent before race start on either the Saturday or the Sunday morning before 6:20am.

There are two toilets on course. One at the 10km mark and one at the 33km mark.

Race Timing

Race organisers will endeavour to obtain a finish time for all competitors. However, organisers may be prevented from doing this by circumstances beyond our control. Whilst a timing chip, race clock and back-up timing will be in place, it is recommended that all runners record their own race times.

Outside Assistance

The race organisers do not permit supporters in following runners either in cars or on bicycles.  Any vehicles on the run course are subject to standard road regulations.

Pacing of runners is not permitted. Runners face disqualification if supporters are found to be providing pacing assistance.

Outside assistance in the form of drinks, food, clothing etc provided to a competitor is only permitted if conducted at an official Drink Station and only after speaking with the Drink Station Manager. Runners face disqualification if supporters are found to be providing assistance outside of these areas. As part of our race insurance requirements, the use of iPods or similar devices by runners during the race is not permitted.


 Any competitor withdrawing during the event must notify the Race Director at Lawson Park or present at the nearest aid station and notify the personnel.


It is every competitor’s responsibility to ensure that they are fit and capable of running the full distance of their race. It is each competitor’s responsibility to ensure they have adequately prepared for the distances. Runners should ensure that they have enough water and food to complete the race.

It is strongly recommended that all competitors have their own personal health insurance, accident or ambulance cover. Competitors will bear all financial responsibility for any medical treatment arising from participation in this event; including ambulance, doctor, hospital fees etc.

Race organisers strongly encourage any competitor who is feeling unwell prior to the race to seek medical advice on their participation.

Race organisers reserve the right to withdraw a runner based on medical grounds.


There is also ample parking in Short Street and the near-by side streets. There are no parking time restrictions. Do not park in the middle of Short Street. This is not allowed. Local inspectors will book you.


Mudgee Swimming Pool will open their change rooms. Showers and plenty of toilets will be available, although the swimming pool will not be open. There are also a small number of toilets available within Lawson Park. ex.

There is an enclosed playground in Lawson Park from which little kids find it difficult to escape. Take care to watch small children as there are no barriers along the river edge.


Presentations will be held at approximately 12:15 at Race HQ.

Happy Racing!

Mudgee Running Festival Committee