Almost all athletes and coaches agree that tapering – the reduction of training in a systematic way – is a good thing, because it ensures good recovery from heavy training and is a key part of preparation for an important event. A well-planned taper leads to improved running economy and increases in muscle strength and … Read more

Breathing and Posture

These two are intimately related, so can’t mention one without the other. To be able to run or walk we need to breathe, and to recover from exertion we need to know how to control our breathing.We should learn to breathe and move, not move then breathe. Good posture helps us to breathe more efficiently. … Read more

Training Load

Some people can run daily, while others only 2-3 times a week. Training load is very individual and depends on many factors. Some can be changed with strengthening and better technique, while others like individual bio-mechanics are more difficult.Often understanding pain or discomfort and managing training load is the key to stay injury free. Going longer … Read more

Dynamic Mobility Exercises

What you do just before your workout begins has a big impact on what you are able to do during your workout. Static stretches may help flexibility but may not do such a good job at preparing your body to move quickly and efficiently. A lot of people disregard their warm up as boring and … Read more

Injury Prevention

This has been mentioned in every TIP so far. A good warm up is important, good posture and breathing is most important, managing load is important, and training all sides of the triangle (strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning) is important. However, GOOD RUNNING FORM is the key to best prevention. We learn to how to … Read more